First atoppa competition Tracey Boakye vs Papa Kumasi winner takes all GH¢20,000 at Stake….

Ghana may very soon have its first ever ‘unlikely’ “attopa” competition between two top celebrities in the country.

In a latest news spotted by www.Teamwoord.org the radio presenter and actor, Papa Kumasi is heard boasting about his ‘atopato’ prowess to his colleague in the movie industry Tracy Boakye.

In the video Tracey Boakye dared,Papa Kumasi, that he can’t eat her ‘Tonga’ for her to ‘c0m da’ and has thrown ‘atopato’ bet with the amount of GH₵20,000 at stake, for the one who will turn out victorious in the ‘atopato’competition.

She also added that the former Royal TV presenter should be careful about his pronouncements because she is the ‘wife’ of a prominent person.

Papa Kumasi who felt that Tracy was trying to put a stain on his manh00d told her that he would put GH 20,000 cedis down as a winning prize for the person who will stand firm through their unlikely ‘atopato’ competition.

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