Nana Ama Strong Shows Off Baby Bump in New Video for Strongman’s Song ‘Nana Ama’

Is there going to be a new addition to the celebrit kids in the country? It appears so after Strongman’s girlfriend Nana Ama made an appearance in his music video sporting a baby bump.

Strongman recently released a love ballad titled ‘Nana Ama’, which was a tribute to his beautiful girlfriend Nana Ama Strong…..

The video has also been released and it shows the happy couple having fun expressing their love, but there’s a catch.

Nana Ama has a baby bump in the video, sparking speculations that she might be pregnant in real life and the couple could be expecting.

Perhaps its just a video prop or it could be the most creative way to announce a pregnancy.

Either way, we’ll find out soon enough.

Watch the video below to see for yourself…..

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