Read Full Press Release from Burniton music group to kelvyn boy As they part ways

As announced by Chief Executive Officer of burniton  music limited (the company) during recent media engagement, the company has recently been in the process of auditing it’s relationship with it’s Officers and associated acts, for the purpose of re-organising it’s internal structures. The audit process was completed today  and purpose of this release is to update BHIM NATIVES and the general public on it’s conclusion.

Mr. Kelvin Brown (Kelvin Boy) and the company entered into an agreement dated January 22,2018 which,to a large extent, governed the relationship between both parties (The agreement). The agreement had an initial terms of one (1) year, and provided the with an option to extend the tenure for a further period of four(4) years (The Option)

Kelvyn Boy

The company didn’t trigger the option. Accordingly. priod under the agreement did not take effect after agreement expired on January 21,2019. The above  notwithstanding the company has continued to work with kelvyn boy until now.

Under the new terms of the agreement. Following the audit, the company has considered the expired status of the agreement as well as the conduct of kelvyn boy during it’s tenure, and has decided not to trigger the option. Consequently , the company has decided to release kelvyn boy from the agreement and he has been duly notified of this decision. Accordingly, Kelvyn boy cease to be an artiste under the company and will no longer be associated with the company and/or the BHIM NATION BRAND. we wish him success in his future endeavors.

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