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The REAL reason why you should never take a bath after eating



1. We tell you the truth

There is a reason why our grandparents used to say that every activity needs to be done in a specific time period. They frowned upon the concept of midnight hunger pangs and did not indulge in chit chat during mealtime. This is the reason why our ancestors lived a long and healthy life and did not fall prey to lifestyle health conditions.

2. Why the correct time to bath matters

With our increasingly busy lifestyles, it becomes near to impossible to adopt the same healthy lifestyle our elders had. Hence, if you have been feeling tired and down and out lately, it is important to pay attention to your lifestyle habits.

One such habit is knowing the correct time to bath. It is often said that one should not take a bath immediately after having food. Both Ayurveda and modern science have specific reasons behind the same.

3. Why is taking a shower immediately after eating bad for health

If you have a tendency to head to the shower right after having a meal, we may have some bad news for you. Bathing after eating is known to delay digestion as the blood around the stomach starts flowing to other body parts.

4. What does Ayurveda say

According to this age-old Indian wisdom, one must ensure that every activity is done in a specific time period and doing the same during odd-hours can actually harm the body. In the context of taking a shower after having food, Ayurveda believes that the fire element in the body gets activated when you eat food to help in the process of digestion. However, if you go and take a shower, the body temperature goes down and the digestive process slows down.

5. What does modern science say

According to medical science, your body temperature lowers down after you take a shower. Since the body starts cooling down, it has to work extra hard to maintain the standard temperature to aid digestion. As a result, the process of digestion is slowed down as the blood helping in digestion, starts flowing towards other body parts. It can also lead to discomfort, uneasiness and acidity.

6. The bottom line

While there is no conclusive study which focuses on the side-effects of bathing after eating, age-old beliefs dictate that one should wait for at least 2-3 hours after eating to take a shower. Ideally, one should go for a bath before eating as it leaves you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to eat.

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E.L – Tomorrow (Prod. By Bedi)




E.L – Tomorrow (Prod. By Bedi)
V.O. Nation frontman – E.L. dishes out the first edition of his B.A.R tape.  “BVR ” is a 13 track-list tape which  features amazing talents like Kev , Grenade , Bryan The Mensah , Akan , Dopenation , LJ amongst others.
Off the “BVR” is this combo titled “Tomorrow” . Production credits to Bedi


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Preach Divorce as an option in Marriage – Netizen Challenges the Church




A netizen with the username Adwoa Anima has made a registration on her timeline that pastors should preach divorce as an option in every marriage.

According to her, some pastors and parents are accountable for the death of people who intend to sustain abusive marriages.

She had divulged such after an online news portal had reported the predicament of a woman who was allegedly abused by a Ghanaian business mogul Prince Charles Dedjoe.

According to the report, Mr Prince Charles was arrested on Sunday 7th March 2021 by the East-Legon Police force after he had allegedly assaulted his wife Mrs Dudjoe leading to her demise.

Adwoa Anima who is also the CEO of FeetBya6 (A footwear marketing company) has promulgated that Parents should normalize having divorce conversations with their children when they are about to get married. She stressed that “Tell them it’s better to arrive home divorced than arrive home in a coffin”.

The tragic death of Mrs Dedjoe has triggered netizens to pass their displeasures on religious restrictions on marriage.

In the Christian community, it is believed to be a great sin should one chose to divorce a spouse except for fornication.

It is for better, for worse and for this reason, Christian couples are psyched to sustain abusive marriage and seek the face of God for a change than to seek divorce.

Adwoa Anima among others seeks a modification and are proposing to the church to preach divorce as an option in marriage.


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Vals Day Yawa:Bloody fight as Kwabenya Police officer catches Adenta man chopping his Policewoman wife



 Police Headquarters, Sergeant Oheneba Adu caught another man naked in bed chopping his wife who is also a police woman

There was bloody violence at about 10 pm yesterday when a policeman stationed with Kwabenya District Police Headquarters, Sergeant Oheneba Adu caught another man naked in bed chopping his wife who is also a police woman.

Sgt. Oheneba received information that someone was having sexual intercourse with his wife, Sgt. Mrs Adu who is also a police woman at a suburb of Adenta Animal Research Area.

He followed up to the location and found his wife naked in bed with another man who was smoking Indian hemp while romping her up and down.

A confrontation ensued in which the man assaulted and inflicted wounds on police Sgt. Oheneba Adu whose wife couldn’t intervene as her fellow police officer and husband suffered severe beatings in the scuffle from her boyfriend.

The boyfriend pulled a knife and threatened to kill Sgt. Adu who lost his two mobile phones in the melee. The matter has since been reported to the station for an investigation to commence.

Police Medical report form was issued to Sergeant Oheneba Adu to seek medical care and return for further action.

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