Meet Asantewaa: the gospel artist adding the soul flavour to gospel music
Agatha Abena Asantewaa might not be in the public eye at the moment but her voice & style will make your soul rejoice once you start listening to her…..

As a Chief inspector of the Ghana Police, Asantewaa introduces herself to onto the Ghanaian music scene with the release of her debut album titled Most High God with a major assist from the police band.
Asantewaa makes evident on the album that Jesus Christ is the highest and the source of all of her accomplishments and whenever she is in need of encouragement
Adding a classic soul flavour to her music, the native of Apegusu – Akwamu went from being a solo artist to perform with the Ghana Police Band.
 Meet Asantewaa: the gospel artist adding the soul flavour to gospel music      Asantewaa
Inspired by her service to Ghanaians and the youth of the country, Asaantewaa’s main objective is to help the youth build a bond with their family(parents).
She highlighted that “Christianity does not only live in the church but in their homes, through friends and all aspects of their lives and how kids are brought up in a Godly manner“.
Agatha Abena Asantewaa is currently embarking on a campaign worth supporting – Stay off/ stay out – which literally means, stay off drugs, stay out of prison.
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