Daily Benefits of eating banana

1. Blood pressure will be normalized
One of the most great virtues of the consumption of bananas daily is that it is a great natural remedy with a great capacity to regulate the high levels you pressurearterial, this is mainly due to its high content in potassium that oscillates between 420 mg considering the intake of two pieces of bananas a day.

2. You will lose weight
The banana is one of the best allies for lose weight naturally, this is mainly due to its high fiber content that positively influencesaccelerating intestinal transit and also gives a pleasant feeling of satiety That avoids cravings. It also stands out for its content in a resistant starch, a substance that works for inhibit the appetite , preventslet’s gain weight and has the great peculiarity of reducing sugar levels in theblood.

3. It will improve your digestion
The banana contains a type of fiber It is known as fructo-oligosaccharides and stand out for their ability to help speed up and improve the intestinal transit. Additionally this type of fiber when fermented in theintestinal flora, has the peculiarity of generating substances that benefit theimmune system. Another of his greats benefits is that it is a noble fruit that does not irritate the digestible tract , at the same time its content in resistant starch that is not digested arrives directly at large intestine to promote the Healthy bacteria growth.

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