Maven-Heart Carnival 2020

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcom X. 

So prepare for the 13th of February 2020, because the Maven-Carnival one of the biggest environmental learning events is about to happen.

 But what is the Maven-Carnival? And who is doing it? And why are they doing it?
The Maven-Carnival is an environmental project from the Kasoa based NGO Maven Heart.

Through a creative and learning focused approach Maven Heart try’s raise awareness against plastic waiste pollution and for recycling.

 Therefore Maven Heart met 4 schools they are partnering with (“ Royal Seed”, “Streams in the Dessert”, “Palace Gold “ and “Maven Heart Academy”) and got the kids to design, create and sew their own clothes out of pure water rubbers.

 Additionally they tought them about the environmental issues the world and especially Ghana is facing and how to deal with them.

 The creative dresses, bags and other plastic rubber creations can be see on the 13th of February when the Maven Carnival goes down.

 On this date all the students will walk with their Teachers, the Maven Heart staff, Volunteers and other visitors from Kasoa Roundabout to Kasoa New Market. 

During this march or Carnival, students will be picking up plastic waste, doing performances, raising awareness and showing off their great works. This way environmental learning is connected with fun.
And this is what the Organisation Maven Heart is about. That was the goal from Cornelius John when he found Maven Heart. His leading quote is “Wielding the world with wit”.

 That means so much as connecting the world threw learning and fun. 

To do so Maven Heart has at this point of time a Soccer Academy, where students can connect with other students while they are physically training having fun and learning social skills. 

Most proud of is Maven Heart of their new selfowned School the Maven Heart Academy or Emerald Palace. 

This school close to Ofaakor, Kasoa is the main approach of Maven Heart to change the education in Ghana and build up the self esteem of students, who are the future of Ghana and the world.

 The primary school is free and every child becomes a free meal everyday. Different about the school is for example that there is no caning at all and the students receive motivational coaching as well as lessons in creativity and out of the Box thinking. 

But why now an environmental project for Maven Heart? Counterquestion. Did you know that the average person eats 70.000 microplastics each year? The Maven Heart staff didn’t know that until a few months ago either, but I can assure you they were as surprised as you right now.

 Maven Heart believes that the environment is also connected to education. 

A self-evident fact is that a child grows up better in a nice and clean environment. Also to change something with our environmental problems right now, we should like Malcom X said invest in our future threw environmental learning for our children. 

But not only our students are invited you are also warmly invited to join us for the Maven carnival 

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