How to achieve a perfect flat tummy with the use of garlic

Garlic is one of the onions family which has a lot if health benefits to human and human body. Garlic can be used for so many things. While some uses it in preparing their food, some just like the seasoning taste it gives, some drink it for the health benefits, for herbs and so many other interesting and eye opening benefits.

Garlic can be used to achieve a perfect flat tummy by daily intake. You can choose any of the following three methods to achieve this.

1. Blend your garlic and take three tablespoon, twice daily.

2. Open the clove, eat like three of four of those tiny pieces, twice daily

3. Blend the garlic and add it to a tea leave, like Lipton, without milk and sugar, then take it

NOTE: This is not doctor’s prescription

It is just herbs that has been found effective by peopywho have tried it.

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