Efia Odo drops evidence to trash her alleged sex tape featuring Kwesi Arthur

On the streets of Twitter, a blurred explicit tape of two adults ‘knacking’ was shared with rumours that it is the Ghanaian rapper and the actress filmed in the act. The video fast went viral which has seen Kwesi Arthur bypassing all the COVID-19 related stories to pick the number one trend on the micro-blogging platform.

However, after a critical examination, it has been identified that it isn’t Kwesi and Efia in the video. This has further been confirmed when it was discovered that the said video has been uploaded on an erratic page on social media four days ago.

Nevertheless, the report has caught the attention of the “Grind Day” rapper who tweeted, saying that amidst all the fake reports, he only needs the right woman to hold him down. “All these rumours, I just need the right woman to hold me down,” Kwesi Arthur tweeted.
Efia Odo on the hand went ballistic on her accusers with a foul language to address how gullible they are. In one tweet she said “gullible fools” and in another, she wrote “mu tw* wai”. Later, Efia also shared a clear picture from the said sex tape, which proves that it was Kwesi Arthur neither was it her. See her tweets below.

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