Lockdown effect: I want to sleep with my gate man

Coronavirus pandemic is now all over the continents, many people died from it while many are forced to stay in isolation to avoid the spread of the virus to them or from them. Lockdown due to covid-19 is in many countries including some parts of Nigeria, to minimize the spread of the disease to a greater number of people.

But this lockdown may prove problematic or stressing to many people. An example is this Nigerian Lady who said on her Twitter account that the lockdown got her h0rny and she wants to be on bed with her gateman. Obviously this is absurd for a landlord to think of having affair with her gateman. If these virus is not there she might have someone close to be with her, it’s a pity.

We just pray to see the end of lockdown here in Nigeria and other countries which in other way round the end of this word menacing coronovirus…..

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