What Does It Mean When Babies Look Through Their Legs? See What I Heard Concerning That.

I think we should all be familiar with that superstition that states that when you see a baby looking through their legs, that is standing on her two legs and her two hands on the ground, then it means that her mother is pregnant. Some believe that it does not indicate pregnancy, that it only meant the baby’s mother is going to get pregnant very soon. Many other explanations on the matter, but I’m still confused as it what it really translates.
Sounds childish but I really want to know.

Do you have any contrary opinion evening these?

Is this even true or is it just some false superstitions?

Does anyone have a story or an encounter to share to us about this?

Is there any research or studies that affirms this fact?

I’m actually not trying to be superstitious or saying that I believe in superstitions, or trying to make you believe in superstitions, but I think it’s fun to watch babies do like that.

What is your opinion regarding this?
Fell free to comment and share to your family and friends.

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