Having No Sympathy For Nana Addo In This Trying Times Is Wickedness – Kwasi Pratt

Regarding to the fight to curb coronavirus, Kwasi Pratt the managing director for Insight Newspaper has said clearly that any Ghanaian who doesn’t feel sympathetic towards the President is wicked.

Kwasi Pratt further explained the challenges the President is passing through as the head of this great country. He said:

“In these times that we are in, anyone who is a President should be pitied. The biggest problem in the world, coronavirus has been put on your head. You have been tasked to protect every single citizen, it is not easy. If you do not have sympathy for the president, then you are very wicked.”

He expatiated the fact that as a result of the struggle to end coronavirus, the country has lost a lot of money and has become financial handicap. He said the fact that the available resources needed to curb the virus are limited, makes Nana Addo’s Presidency more difficult and challenging.

His statement is below:

“Looking at our situation, the country is not in a good economic standing. Even with the coronavirus, without taking loans, we would not have been able to acquire the basic resources to observe the safety protocols. So if you’re a president of this country, and they put this burden on you, then they have really worried you. So I really pity the president,” he said.

He ended his speech by saying Ghanaians should not relax because of the few cases that have been recorded recently. Instead they should still continue to practice preventive measures to avoid the spread of the virus.

“We should not be happy with the about 8,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, especially as we are not doing the level of testing being done in some other countries. Some countries have tested 11 million people in three weeks. We should not be too happy with it.”

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