Men, no matter how deep you love your Woman, never do this 6 things for her.

Love this days is seen as one of the greatest key in marriage or relationship.

Most people are aware that, Without love no true relationship can stand.

This is a genuine fact and call for a good and well wonderful thinking about how you will be able to show good love to your partner in other to always avoid all crisis that usually attack marriage.

In the olden days, it was usually said that that, your wife is your everything.

This also brings us to the fact of what the Bible says, which is, ” who can find a good wife?, and anyone who find a good wife has all”. – Proverbs.

So, looking at what the Bible says, you can note that the underlined word is a good wife.

So, with these, we are going to shall with you some fact that you should never do for a woman no matter how deep your love is for her

The first among these facts is, Never use artificial medicine to improves your sexual strength in other to impress your wife. As technology advances, medicines are also improved everyday and every time. As as far result of this, most of the men now use artificial medicine or man made medicine to improve theirs sex abilities.

This problem becomes sophisticated when your partner tell you that, your are not good enough at Pumping. With, this most of our men this then seek an alternative by depending on medicine in other to impress their wife’s of partner.

Dear men, per search, you can be able to use the artificial medicine maximum for about ten years or less. When this period is over, whether with medicine or not, you will still go weaker and weaker in pumping.

This is where the problem arise. If the lady sees that, you are now very weak, she will then blame you that you can’t satisfy her and hence, she will turn outside and rely on other men.

This most painful aspect is that, she might not even break up with you; while she is with you, others are still pumping.

So, my dear men, when you realized any weakness, try to depend on fruits and vegetables like watermelon, carrot, Okra and also you, you can add ginger to the mixture of banana and watermelon then blind and take it as a drink and take it often.

So, never rely on artificial medicine all in the name of impressing her. For all you know, the person you are impressing will turn against you in the long run. So, be watchful.

Again, the next mistake you should avoid is, never wed a bad girl. This bad girl ranges from person to person and from Ladies to Ladies.

However, knowing the exact category of which your partner lies, will help you take a good decision whether you will wed her or not.

With this issue of bad Lady, we mean others are abusive, gossiper’s, insulting, too much jealous and too much love for material things.

If your partner is in any of these category or anyone of which was not mentioned, my Guy, be quick and be wise enough to make your firm decision.

Others are of the view that, after wedding all those bad things will vanish. But let it be make clear that, without repentance she will never change and it will continue to be more complicated like never before.

Let look at what the Bible says which is, he who gives you a little when he had few, will give more when he has much.

This statement also applies to what we are talking about. This is to mean that, when the lady is not good enough at the very beginning, so would she be more complicated when when your marriage advances.

So, never try to wed any of such ladies else you will regret later.

However, you can go ahead if only you have the hope and feeling that, she will Change for the better.

Again, never depend on medicine to increase your MAN all in the name of satisfying her.

What most men are lacking these days is lack of knowledge. God is faithful and he will never be unfaithful now till he comes. So, what ever he gives to you is perfect and has no problem.

This ideal of lack of knowledge is seen when men this days, only goes to the medical shop’s and asks for medicines which will make their MaN more than what they have. But they never know that, not all positions are best depending on it’s size. So my dear men, try to do research and known the Right position to place her depending on your size and never use medicine.

Again, there are a lot natural exercise which you can do to help you out. Also, don’t forget to till depend on fruits and vegetables as sailing earlier. Be ware that, just as the first point made it clear, so also will the lady turn against you in the long run if your depend on drugs.

My Guy, Never consider her beauty. well, people believe in beauty but be aware that, beauty fade just like flowers.

The lady might look more beautiful today, but ten years to come back things will change drastically.

So, what you must look for is good character, good virtues, hardworking God fearing and all the positives that you can mention.

My dear men, we do not need to give you reference about the number of Men who follow beauty in Marriage and finally end up in tears.

So, as far as you are considering beauty, make your great efforts to identify great positives in that beauty, else you will regret later for marrying a beautiful lady.

So,never be deceive by the beauty of a lady and get her wed. Just remember that, not all glitters are Gold. So, don’t marry her because of beauty.

Moreover, never reveal your family secret to the lady. Keep stick to your family secret.

Most of our men these days never knew their family secret is their source of power and their source of strength. So, telling your woman this actually reveals how greatly you have sell out your strength and power.

However, there is no problem to reveal this secret if your wife is among one of the best marriage material [Mm].

When your partner is good, telling her such secret will even make her to know how excellent she has to keep you.

But my brother, you are doomed when the lady is on the opposite side.

So, to reveal your family secret, be much careful about the woman you’re dealing with.

More to add, never give in her idea of always buying food outside. Most ladies are so lazy o the extent that, cooking food to theist husband is a great headache.

Just look at this analysis: Buying a raw Indomine from the shop will estimately cost about Gh¢ 2.00. So, preparing it yourself will totally cost nothing. However, consider buying the cook indomine from a near by vender, it will cost about Gh¢ 3 to Gh¢ 4 and sometimes above these prices mentioned.

So,instead of you to save your money for future use, you are spending all your resources on food.

The money you will use to buy cement bags for building have now went straight into the belly of a woman all in the name of buying Pizza.

So, my Guys never agree to the woman who always like buying food from outside.

But also stick to the woman who like cooking and will always welcome your family members to your home.

This is because, the Ladies who never like cooking never wish to have a visitor in the hope.

Am I right? Or is that true?

Finally, Never try to tell her your past relationship. Most of the ladies these days are very difficult and hard to deal with. So telling her your past relationship is a big problem.

The problem arises when you accidentally step on her feet or you wrong her.

Note some comments she will make in this regards ” Because of your bad attitude, are not able to stay with other ladies and you are still messing up with me”, ” you can’t even appreciate how well I have been good to you, which of your ex girls can treat you like this”.

These and many comments she will usually pass if she got hurt.

However, not all ladies are like that. The good ones will even help you to forget about them and not to remind you of them in that manner. The good one will also treat you well so that, you don’t go outside again.

So, be careful about the lady whom you are telling your past relationships.

So, my dear Men, never do this things for your woman and considered those who truly deserve it as well.

Stay happy with your marriage and never encourage divorce.

So, because of this always think twice before getting into marriage.

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