Adom TV And Multimedia Sues Captain Smart And Nana Yaa Brefo In Court ?

Nana Captain Smart has thrown jabs at all and sundry including his former employers the Multimedia Group with Adom TV as icon.

” Let me put this on record that FA BE WO SO is my personal property. I’ve heard of some Speculation of court action against me Nana Captain Smart “

” Let me tell you, you can send me to the highest court of the world which is the Hague. But nothing will happen. “

” You can’t fight me over Fabewoso. Never and ever “.

Speculation have been flying over social media that Adom TV have allegedly sent a Court order to Nana Captain Smart to desist from using the name FA BE WO SO which he was hosting on Adom FM and TV.

The gossip also indicates that Nana Yaa Brefo is also still chased to go and answer questions regarding some defamatory comments she made during her days at Adom TV.

The victim have allegedly sued the station with Yaa Brefo as a respondent. Since she is no more there, then she must go and defend herself.

We’re still waiting for an official statement as to whether the statement is true or not.

As Captain Smart has also warned that he don’t fear meeting them at the Hague.

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