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OMG!!!Meet Phebean,,the fastest rising talented Gospel artiste in Nigeria and Ghana as well

@akintayo.olami5 real name Akintayo Olamide also known as Phebean is a second born amid four girls in the family of Pastor & Mrs Akintayo. She was born on October 13 in Nigeria. She is an indigene of Ado- Ekiti at Idolofin. Her mom, Akintayo Funke is originally from Ondo State while dad, Ganiyu- Yusuf- Akintayo is from Ado-Eliti.
Phebean was raised a Muslim but later converted to christianity.
Asked about her life before Jesus Christ and her encounter with Him(Jesus), she had this to say: “my life before I met Christ was not easy as I used to be a stubborn girl. I was the type that could argue a lot and didn’t care about people. Infact let me say I’m strict, but on July 25th 2018 I met Christ. It was at a gathering for Bible study fellowshipping when it all started. I began to realize my old ways of life weren’t right and I felt pity for myself especially that I allowed Christ’ investment in me be wasted long ago. Thanks to GOD and my lovely dad who’s always there praying for me day and night and mom as well i was able to find salvation. I really appreciate my parents because they’ve been a good tool for  REVIVAL in my life.”
Phebean passes her gratitude to her church members at large (CHRISTIAN FAITH AND FELLOWSHIP MISSION) for their support and  all her friends that played a crucial impact in bringing her back to the light (CHRIST JESUS).
There’s more revelations we’ll be exposed to about Phebean and it’ll be really encouraging if you embark on the journey of Who Is Phebean with us. Watch this space for more facts, truths and revelations.

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