Press Release By Tom Consult On Conducts By It’s Artiste(Tom D’Frick)

In a statement released on September 8th,2020,The management team of Tom D’Frick extend their sincerest apology and deepest remorse for some misconducts against some media personalities, group of industry players and individuals knowingly or unknowingly by their act..

They also went ahead to state that such unfortunate incidents were not intended by their act to discredit any individual or group,disrespect any media player,course enmity among artistes or incite any person involved..

They expressed their gratitude to the fans and everyone who made the brand a successfull one and also ask voltarians to support every Volta act in the industry.

Below is the full press release

Tom D’Frick has been nominated in the 1st edition of Volta DJs Awards as “Dj Artiste Of The Year 2020” and thereby ask his fans to vote for him..

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