2020 BECE Candidates should take this information serious.

 The West Africa Examination Council serves as a pillar of education in West Africa.The West Africa Examination Council is responsible for awarding educational Certificate to prospective students in the Junior High School and Senior High School.The West Africa Examination Council organise examination to final year students of Junior High School and Senior High School Respectively. The Basic Education Certificate Examination is organise by the West Africa Examination Council in May/June but this year 2020 the examination didn’t come on the date it suppose to.As we are all aware of the novel pandemic,it has affected many developmental sectors in the world including education.The Covid made the government in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service and the West Africa Examination Council made a deliberation on when these candidates will write their final examination,but by so doing,they came out with a suggestion to postpone it to September So finally the Basic Education Certificate Examination Candidates wrote their examination in September.

After the Examination,the Candidates are there waiting for the results from the West Africa Examination Council.Most Ghanaians made suggestions that,the Basic Education Certificate Examination results will be out fter the general elections,but The council wants to use this platform to inform these candidates

that,the results is about to be released,so they should calm down and wait.The president of the republic of Ghana implemented educational policy to help students further their education in the second cycle institutions,which is the free education policy.It is a good news to hear once again as the government will also guarantee the free education policy to cover the 2020 Bece candidates to further their education to the second cycle institution.The free Education still continues.

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