Anas Finally Shows Himself to the World – Drops His Real Picture – Photo

 Celebrated Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has finally shared a photo that appears to be of himself.

Many investigations have been carried out to find who the ‘real’ Anas is but he personally has never ‘exposed’ himself in such a way.

However, to end the year he has shared a photo that appears to be him.

He shared the photo on Facebook.

The photo was part of a new post on social media in which Anas finally spoke up after recent claims that he’s working on a big expose about the just-ended elections.

A flier came out alleging that Anas has undertaken an investigation into the EC and uncovered rot in how they conducted the elections.

However, Anas came out to deny that claim

To end this year, the famed investigator has come out to sort of confirm that he has a bombshell in the works but it will be released next year.

Anas wished his followers a happy new year whilst warning them to strive for peace in Ghana.

He then added that he has more exposes coming.

“Dear all As we ready ourselves for 2021, let us not forget that we have only one Ghana! For the thieves who pilfer our national kitty with impunity and abuse human rights, there will be more fire on you in 2021,” he wrote.

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