Meet the Newly Signed 15 Years Old Rapper under Yaro Ashaiman records Dawuda


Dawuda Tuferu an Ashaiman based teen rapper by the stage name Rap Kid is a year one Ejisu Senior Technical High School student and reading science. He grew up in Takoradi Effiakuma Adabiya. His parent  Moved to Ashaiman in 2016. 

The young rapper who professionally begun his music career in J.H.S 3 with the ability of scribbling his own songs to his credit is currently signed on to Yaro Ashaiman Recordz.

His dexterity, composition and flow distinguishes him from all the other kids towing same lane making him stand tall.

Management plan is to give him the necessary exposure needed to reach the apex. Undoubtedly, Rap Kid is one of the best ever rapper who would come out nobly from Ashaiman.

Follow him on all social media handles – Rap Kid and coin out an expectation. Currently, he is busy working on few projects to prove his capabilities.

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