My Greatest Weakness Is Women- Nigel Gaisie On Why He Slept With Mzbel As Alleged By Afia Schwar

 Every human on earth has a weakness and who they are and what they stand for does not do much to help them fight that weakness.

For the founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie, his greatest weakness ever is women.
He says women are always at his beck and call and they throw themselves at him but he has always tried to remain calm and focused by not succumbing.
“My greatest weakness is women. They make advances at me all the time but, I try to remain focused.”
That notwithstanding, Nigel says he has fallen so many times although he is married.
“I am hooked with a child but I have fallen for these temptations several times.”
He claims he always makes sure to be on the side of good by focusing on God when he is tempted because that is what strengthens him to beat all of those temptations.
We now understand why Afia accused him of sleeping with Mzbel— there might be some truth in it after all.

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