Under 30 women awards opens nominations for applicants

 The under 30 women award is an annual award scheme designed to celebrate and appreciate hardworking women in our societies and to say thank you for making the society and the world a better place to live through their (women) collective efforts.

The award scheme which has a motive in celebrating outstanding Ghanaian women of excellence under the age of 30, today January 22, 2021, has officially opened to the general public (women) to file for nomination in their designated categories. 

Below are the categories for the first edition of the scheme (Under 30 women awards).

1. Under 30 woman of the year

2. Young star award

3. Award for business leader

4. Award for sport

5. Award for authorship and creative writing

6. Award for banking and finance

7. Award for education 

8. Award for agriculture 

9. Award for health and wellness 

10. Award for hospitality

11. Award for insurance and investment 

12. Award for politics and governance

13. Award for real estate development 

14. Award for beauty and lifestyle 

15. Award for event management 

16. Award for fashion personality 

17. Award for social enterprise 

18. Award for radio personality 

19. Award for movie personality 

20. Award for television personality 

21. Awards for music personality

22. Award for blogger

23. Award for Dj

24. Award for photography 

25. Award for modeling

26. Award for innovation and invention 

27. Award for digital marketing 

28. Award for public relation

29. Award for entrepreneur

30. Award for technology

31. Award for social media influencer

32. Awards for fashion brand

33. Award for startup brand

34. Foundation of the year

35. Women empowerment programme of the year.

This initiative is to motivate more women in doing great things in a male dominated world and also make it an avenue to unite great minds under one umbrella.

The under 30  women awards has its aim to dominate all awards in Africa and the world at large and make it one of the most prestigious awards to rub shoulders with the BET and the Grammys.

By doing so, a credible board has been set to see to the affairs of the award scheme.

To file a nomination,   one needs to follow the laid down details below

*HOW TO NOMINATE*  *via Email*

One is required to complete the following details to nominate herself/someone. 

1. A short biography about the candidate. (Will be used in the awards programme if candidate is nominated) 

2. Key achievement by candidate. 

3. Track record of the candidate. 

4. High quality photo of candidate. 

5. Valid voters ID of candidate


For Enquiries:+233 24 899 2448 – +233546788257

Facebook: @Theunder30project

Instagram: @Theunder30Project

Twitter:@ Theunder30

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