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Mary Darko_Woye-Ma-Me-Daa

When I was young, I liked singing and really admired singers. At the time, the singers I could see were those in the choir. I was looking to join one but I had no opportunity because my church then had no choir until I got to secondary school when I joined the school choir. I loved everything about it. 
It was never my ambition to come out with a song until around March 2019 when I was praying and joyfully worshipping in the presence of God when I suddenly found myself singing this song – woye mame daa. That was how this song was birthed. I really wanted to give the song out to someone more experienced in the music industry but upon waiting on the Lord, I did not get the nod to proceed with my plan so I had to come out with the song. 
And so as to the question of how I started in the music industry and why I am doing gospel music, the answer is simple, I was called for a specific duty and mandate. And that is what I am carrying out. It is my prayer that through this song people will worship God in appreciation for what he has done for them. And to everyone who is feeling inadequate for their assignment, remember that God can still use you, as he is not looking for golden or silver vessels, but yielded vessels. He uses the despised of this world to shame the wise. 
And as to my background, I am a wife, wife of a man of God and a farmer, I am a career woman and a tax consultant working with one of the big four firms. I am a student of music and in my spare time I love to listen to great men and women of God. One of my favourites is Kathryn Khulman.


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