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SA Record Label Demand Their Payment From Kwesi Selassie As Many Reports With Scam And Fraud Recieved, Duped Dozens of Musicians As Many Got Stranded In africa



 Thi picture below was captured under a post on Facebook demanding their payment and calling said artist fraudster and scammer.

Kwesi Selassie

Comment from a post already designed and written wanted by police from Facebook.

SA Record Label Demand Their Payment From Kwesi Selassie As Reports With Scam And Fraud Recieved About Him Increases, Duped Dozens of Musicians As Many Got Stranded In africa.

“Today with immediate effect we announce regretful and the most disgusting thing ever happen in our firm under SAMRO and music industry and to all women around the world who are involved in this atrogeuos character and therefore decided  that Mo-Afriqué international and LTM Records (Reg. No. K3018091528) Income tax number (9958577165) located at 18 Commissioner street, Pretoria are no more affiliated or in connection or working with the said artist underline.

This includes all works and services, products and merchandise been promoting or advertising seized from today. Any print or media works with our logos should not be allowed to promote or work on,  as all djs , promoters and distributors are to restrict from” CEO

It took about a year to go by this decision as everyday new report pops up and alot of issues arising everyday which is prohibited and against human rights and women abusing and exploiting. There reasons are many but few states here and also in full details will come on our next press released globally.

Firstly we have received a lot of reports in this 6 years working with him, abuse from his wife been stacked at home and manipulate several times with heavy beatings and phones been smashing four times a month as even now the wife still don’t even speak to him as at now which is weird and heartless.

Again he has been involve in sex scandal with women stacked in Kuwait , saudi Arabia and other countries engaging them into nudes both photos and videos at hand in return of money which will later be lies, soon as the victim realise he blocked her immediately. With this the world Women Right Organization should delpth into this as more videos and photos and how he manipulate them are already at hand.

This is not even in Arab countries stacked women but also in his home town Ghana and his home village girl , as he did same to her which even got to his wife revealing and getting all the naked pics and videos.

His way of smooth talk and highly in depth how to convince people led him to be able to dupe many and run away from dozens of debts from his own people and everyone that he invited into his flop show. From camera men , band members and even event centers were all in crises and lies here and there before stage up. He was surrounded by arm men almost 10 people that night to college their money from him which even distracted everything.

Musicians who travelled from Europe to visit Africa , he collected their money and never even border where they should sleep nor eat. He run helter skelter after a group of musicians also mount alarm ready to deal with him mercilessly as he refuse to pay their service and run away with it. They keep on commenting and write profane words on all our post as they think we can help them talk to the  person who owe them but up to no avail.

Even the audience who came to watch his show , he borrowed money from them and never paid, hotel Bill’s and others are still in debt. So from now any musician , DJ, Producer , Distributor , individuals who have been reporting him to us pls contact him direct yourself .

He owe everybody that he has work with or interact with which is higly criminal and uncivilized way of life.

With this reports and his 6yrs debt with our reputable firm we decided to part way with him with immediate effect from today 20/02/2021.

Below are his details that you all can reach out ot him and talk to him direct and stop disturbing us. Thanks to you all , more updates are coming

His details

Tel: +16477171752



Kindly contact him on the above details for all your debts, fraud and scam issues.

According to the record Label they will be giving updates about this issue often with videos , print and audios.

We sincerely apologize to every Tom dick and harry for his behaviour and actions which might fel condoned one way or the other , we promise always to serve you with humility and honestly as we keep the works on with the positive people always.

Always remember darkness can’t walk light.

Thank you. (Label)

Kindly glance through this shameful comment about him below 👇

Kwesi Selassie rpeortd

Some comments copied from Facebook as well.

We demand highly coherence to contact for any information with no teteátete as is straight forward that he is no more affiliated with anyone been firm or individual management team.

We denounce and detached from any involvement with you and anything from you  and never ever try to contact anyone also affiliated with the label been Distributor, promoter   DJ, radio , print or media associates now and forever until you settle all your debts with the Label and the individuals and also apologizes to women globally for your shameful actions and behaviors says the label.

For the media press and interivews for more details contact Mo-Afriqué international / LTM Records will preview all reports recieved both audios , pictures and photos to you without hesitation .

All our released to seized artist songs play until further notice with copyright filling and soon be delivered according to the label.

Our last word is please stay away from any activities that involve him or if scam then is your own cup of tea.

Source: Mo-Afriqué International



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