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Ghanaians descend on Bridget Otoo for ‘Attacking’ the President on 6 march_Screenshoot

 Unlike other construes, Ghana is one of the few countries who is known for the implementation of strict cultural practices. It is as a result of this that many western practices have been ignored by the authorities in the country. Many of the official bodies frown upon certain practices because of the demand for the implementation of these strict cultural practices by the citizens.

The 6th of March of every year is a day set aside to celebrate the victorious day which marks the day that the gold coast now known as Ghana gained freedom. Ghana gained freedom and is currently celebrating 64 years of freedom from our colonial masters. Mostly, this freedom is accredited to the former president or founder of the country as he is being called, Nkrumah.

However, a post made to twitter by the popular television host and media personality has landed her in trouble with many Ghanaians descending on her and reprimanding her for her actions. As stated earlier, respect for authority and the elderly is hallmark of Ghanaians and as a result, a woman or lady in her position to make such a statement about Nana Addo was very unacceptable to these concerned Ghanaians.

In a post which was a reply to another post made by Nana Addo on the Independence Day, she stated:

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