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Some comments after Yaw Tog 1 Million Views On Youtube, that breaks Stonebwoy’s YouTube record

 Ghanaian rapper Yaw Tog has been praised highly by fans who are indicating that the he is still in Senior High School and has 1 million views on Youtube and that the big artistes can’t beat this record

The post by @KalyJay set the pace for the heated debate amongst the post.He posted

Most of the fans seeing the epic heights of the Kumerican began calling out the country’s biggest artists to come out and defend themselves in this huge hurdle

Some also attacked the artists who always claimed their videos were expensive hence they needed more viewership from fans locally and internationally.

Most people said he was so young that his achievements were scary at times to even the best artistes in Ghana like Sarkodie, Shatta Wale and  Stonebwoy

Most people said he amassed those massive views because Stormzy was on the song and henc his UK influence did the trick for him.Others added;

Most of the people said his era was different and more flexible hence the experienced artistes stood no chance competing with him and that was a fact they will have to deal with.

A big congratulations to youngster Yaw Tog who is in SHS 3 currently

Some comment below…

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