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Hot Photos of H@jia Bintu’s Sister Whose B@ckside Is Times 2 Of Hajia Bintu



Today, in this article, I will be sharing with you some hot Photos of Abena Cilla whose backside is more bigger than that of Hajia Bintu.

Abena Cilla as popularly known is a beautiful Ghanaian fashion model, actress, brand influencer, video vixen and content creator. She is known to be one of the social media stars who are naturally endowed when it comes to the backside. Abena Cilla was tagged as the sister of popular TikTok star Hajia Bintu after they were spotted together although there is no prove that they are indeed siblings.

bena Cilla was nominated at Ghana Social Media Business and Creative Arts Awards 2020 Edition for Vibrant Instagram Account Of The Year but eventually, Hajia Bintu emerged the winner. Every time Abena Cilla releases photos on social media, they turn to go viral because of her beautiful curvy body. Abena Cilla was said to over throne her sister Hajia Bintu as the most endowed lady in Ghana.

Abena Cilla is one who is never afraid to flaunt her heavy backside as she is always seen showcasing them on her social media platforms. I guess you are eager to see some hot Photos of Abena Cilla and so without wasting much time, let us check out some pictures of Abena Cilla causing massive reactions and confusion on social media.

This is really mind blowing. Just look at how she Flaunt her heavy backside.

Abena Cilla’ s backside is indeed times two of Hajia Bintu’ s backside

she is indeed the sister of Hajia Bintu, then their heavy backside indeed runs in the family.

Aside she being naturally endowed, her skin colour and her beauty is just one in a million.

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