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E/R: Nana Adoma Kyerekuaa I Donates To The Maternal Department Of The Asokore Community Clinic And Akwadum Christian Village Orphanage Home



Blessed Hands Foundation For Needy Mothers led by Nana Adomaa Kyirakuaa I, Acheampem Hene of Koforidua Asokore in the New Juabeng Municipal district of the Eastern Region on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, has donated items worth millions of cedis to the Asokore Community Clinic and Akwadum Christian Village Orphanage Home.

Presenting items to the Asokore Community Clinic, Nana Adomaa Kyirakuaa has said “as a reputable Foundation that seeks to help needy mothers and the plight of the less privileged, we are here to make this donation to ensure that mothers who come here for childbirth will have adequate items for safety delivery”.

Nana Adomaa Kyirakuaa in her presentation has narrated how women who come to her mother during childbirth find it difficult to provide maternal items and that inspired her intention to donate to the maternal department of the Asokore Community Clinic.

“I have been here when my mother was a local birth coach and I witnessed how some women who come to her find it difficult to provide materials needed during delivery process. Then I said, I will take it upon myself to help my community health centre with maternal materials when I grow up and I think the time has come for me to fulfil my childhood promises” she said.

Items donated include Nightgowns and bathrobes, Slippers, Breast pads, Socks (several pair), Underwear (several pair), Toiletries, sets of court sheets, Laboring clothes, maternity pad, and a set of Nursing Bra and other items for newborns and birth coaches.

Receiving the items, the senior midwife of the Asokore Community Clinic, Mrs Agyemang Prempeh communicated gratitude and admonished Nana Adomaa Kyirakuaa I and her foundation for their gesture.

In her acceptance speech, Mrs Agyemang outlined the challenges of the health facility and applauded Blessed Hands Foundation For Needy Mothers for their kind gesture.

“We are very delighted to have received such a gesture from this organization and may God bless Nana Adomaa Kyirakuaa I for champaigning this course. Our facilities is facing alots of challenges especially when people come here for delivery. Some come here with no childbirth materials and it becomes very difficult for us to provide for them since we do not have enough.” she said.

She also pleads with the Foundation to help them reconstructed their maternity ward which has become a death trap.

“One other thing we will need from you is to help reconstruct our maternity ward which is becoming a death trap. We are aware of your capabilities and we believe you will once again come to our aid” she added.

Nana Adomaa Kyirakuaa I in her bid promised to build a new and furnished maternity ward for the Community Clinic.

According to her, the wellbeing of labouring mothers is her main agenda and she will do everything in her capability to ensure an untroubled environment for their delivery.

Nana Adomaa Kyirakuaa I and her Blessed Hands Foundation For Needy
Mothers proceed to donate to the Akwadum Christian Village Orphanage Home.

The items donated included bags of rice, sugar, beans, cartons of milo, milk, boxes of biscuits & oats, clothes among others.

Nana Adomaa Kyirakuaa explained that the donation forms part of the Foundation’s Corporate Social Responsibility projects, adding that “We hope our donation will consequence the Home’s operations and children’s lives positively.

She complimented the administration of the Home for their hard work, devotion, and taking good care of these amazing children.

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