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Thiago BeezyPeople have really suffered and gone through a lot in this journey of life and they keep sharing it for others who are in the venge of giving up to be inspired and motivated by it.

Thiago Beezy who happened to be one these people who had gone through hard life times shared his life story on Journey Of Life with Debbielyn Jackson on FOKA TV.

Thiago Beezy who is a popular musician (Artis) shared his life journey on Journey Of Life on FOKA TV. According to Thiago Beezy, after he completed J.H.S,he had to learn how to repair phones just to keep himself busy since there was no money in the house to support his education at moment/time.

He said, what made him learnt how to repair phones was,
His father used to do akpeteshie and his mother really supported him. Because of that they had more customers who called for orders. Along the way,his mother’s phone got spoilt and they gave it to a repairer to do it but the repairer kept tossing them. So one day he said to himself that he can it so the phone repairer should help him do it.

He said, the phone repairer was so pleased about his idea and decided to help him for free without taking a pin from him. Since then,he kept going to the place just to the learn the work and he even became a worker and subordinate to the phone repairer. Thiago Beezy said,he learnt the phone repairing work for one before going to S.HS.

Thiago Beezy later said,it was really a great experienced for him so aside the music work,he can also repair phones and laptops. He then advised the young ones who are now coming to make good use of any little opportunities they get.

Source: Bigails Moree Stargal

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