Humans Stucked Underground As Fire Extends To GCB; Helicopter Called As Fire Service Water Finishes..


Angel TV News has confirmed that some human beings in the underground part of the “Afia 123” building at Makola are stucked as the burning fire is extending to the Ghana Commercial Bank building.

Citizens have called on the Ghana Army to come over with helicopter to splash water from above to quench the fire after all the water brought by Fire tenders got finished.

There have been no casualties. This is because the fire itself hasn’t finished burning. Thousands of Ghanaians looked on and could not help.
As to what brought about the fire, we are yet to know. It has been two hours now. Angel TV News confirmed confirmed that , all the fire tenders that arrived could not quench the fire.

The mayor of Accra Honorabe Henry Quartey told media men that, they will soon go to the grounds and know exactly what brought about the fire.
May God help us and protect us from these natural Disasters.
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