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A Congolese Man died in India (bangalore) after his Arrest by Police officials



27year old Joel was arrested by India 🇮🇳 police officials and was at their custody…

According to some friends & inmates ,The victim started complaining of chest pains before and right after his arrest.
After some days in their custody, he was later referred to a hospital for treatment.
unfortunately he died at the hospital on Monday 2nd August 2020 , between the hour of 6-7 am.

Moreover, The officer who arrested late Joel he said , Joel was found or caught with a white substance whom they suspected it as drugs , also trying to sell to his fellow African who was on a Moto 🚴 then !

According to what one of the protesters said the police have not been able to present any proof regarding the drugs they are talking about

In an interview with with some Africans who are currently in India , they said its official that Indians hate blacks , they are afraid of Africans because of this it’s very scary and unsafe to be in India as a student etc

They added some months ago 4 Nigerians went mad
3 were ladies and 1 man .

Racism is their highest priority
Africans are not safe in India 🇮🇳

With Tears we wish to send our condolences to the family of Joel may his soul Rest in perfect peace

Pls don’t forget to spread the news..Thank You

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