Parrot Mouth to host “Laugh It Off” on April 30.


Parrot Mouth, the popular stand-up comedian known for his hilarious one-liners and comedic timing, is returning to the stage for Laugh it Off comedy night, slated for April 30.

The show, which will take place at the Association International School (Airport Residential Area), promises to be a night full of laughs and entertainment. Parrot Mouth has been on organizing this event for the past years, but revealed this years event will be one of his kind as he’s poised to bring his unique brand of humor to his fans.

Parrot Mouth is known for his sharp wit and quick comebacks, often riffing off the audience and improvising on the spot. His observational humor touches on a wide range of topics, from everyday life to politics and social issues.

The Laugh it Off comedy night will feature a lineup of other talented comedians like DKB, OB Amponsah, Jacinta, Funny Face, Apkororo, Clemento Suarez, Foster Romanus, Paranran, including up-and-comers and established acts. The organizers revealed they have taken extra precautions to ensure the safety of attendees, with limited capacity.

Tickets for the show are expected to sell out fast, so fans of Parrot Mouth and comedy lovers alike are advised to book their tickets early. This promises to be a night to remember, full of laughter and entertainment.

Tickets goes for 100 cedis regular, 150 cedis VIP, 1000 table of 4 and Golden Table 2000 cedis.

For tickets reservations call 0551692167.



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