Funny Face explains why he doesn’t want to know the whereabouts of his children….


Comedian and actor Funny Face has revealed that following his release from the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, he has not been in touch with his children and he does not know their whereabouts.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, he explained that he wants to make sure he gets a better handle of his emotions and heal with little to no chance of falling back into depression, before he faces his children again.

Funny Face told host Andy Dosty on Tuesday that he was advised by his doctors that he is triggered when he does not have a good handle on his emotions.

With the amount of love he has for his kids, Funny Face said, “you become emotionally attached again and when somebody tries to be a block between you and the children, you lose control again.”

Although he does not see his children, Funny Face said his manager is in touch with them ensuring that they are okay.

“I don’t want to know for now. The doctors told me  ‘You like them (his children), now work on yourself and stay focused’. Because take it or leave it, it is the emotions,” he noted.

The actor opened up on depression and how much he has grown emotionally.

He stated that it is now tough for him to watch video he created at the time he was mentally down adding that he has had to face the consequences of those actions.

Funny Face admitted that spending time in the psychiatric hospital helped him heal. He added that he was informed his mental health could easily be better if he learned to control his emotions.

“When I went to the psychiatric hospital and they told me ‘you do not have a problem, yours is your emotions. When you get a grasp of your emotions you are okay. Your kids, everybody knows you do everything for them, so currently start working on yourself, focus on your mental health’.”

Funny Face shares three children with his ex Vannesa.

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