Jesus!!! they saw it” – Korra Obidi screams in shock after carelessly spreading legs during live video….


Nigerian dancer cum singer Korra Obidi seemingly witnessed one of the biggest shocks of her life during a Facebook live session with her elder sister, Nancy Umeh.

The two siblings who were having a good time together with Nancy Umeh braiding Korra’s hair were caught up in a different and weird situation along the line.

In the video, Korra Obidi went to get some mangoes but upon returning to the spot, she wasn’t conscious enough to maintain an appropriate position hence revealing her undies on camera.

Upon noticing, the US-based songstress screamed in shock. “Jesus, they saw my paňt,” she voiced out.

Korra Obidi subsequently put up a sad and worrisome countenance but was cheered by her sister who convinced her that it was nothing to worry about.

Watch the video below:

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