My wife and family are not happy that I wear female clothing, but it puts food on their table- DJ Azonto


Ghanaian DJ turned musician, DJ Azonto has stated that although many may not agree with his choice of clothing, it is what puts food on his table.

DJ Azonto took the public by storm when his single “Fa no Fom” became a sensation, however, his choice to dress in female fashion has become a major topic on social media.

Although he has received major backlash for dressing as a female, DJ Azonto reveals in a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz that he will not be stopping anytime soon because that’s his money maker.

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DJ Azonto adds that his family are not enthused about his fashion choices either, but he isn’t fazed because he feeds them through the image he has created in showbiz.

“I used to wear a brassiere but I stopped, the truth is that my entire family including my wife are not happy with the things I wear but they want money and this brings money,” DJ Azonto said



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