Shatta Wale timely intervention saved Fella Makafui from suicide over ‘sex tape’


Actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui owes her life to Dancehall King Shatta Wale whose timely intervention saved her from committing suicide.

At a time when Fella Makafui was in a depressed state, she recalled receiving news that her supposed sex tape was flying on social media.

Despite the identity of the X-rated model shielded, Fella said it was attributed to her because she had similar physique with the model.

“There was this day I was having a meeting with my manager and he just called me and was like Precious I need to tell you something. He was like I know you can’t do something like this but I want you to be honest with me and I was like okay what up? And he said oh your tape and I am like what, my sex tape, Where? never,” she recounted in an interview on 3FM.

She said the controversy drove her to the point where she wanted to take her life, but for a phone call she had from Shatta Wale who calmed her down and explained the situation.

“Shatta saved my life. He called me and said ‘mummy calm down’ and sent me the link and I realised it was a couple from Twitter. She had a tattoo at her back but I don’t. I knew it wasn’t me because I had not done something like that,” she said.

Had that important call not come in the nick of time, Fella Makafui said she would have ended her life that very night.

Based on her experience, she said she has grown tough skin and she will not allow the opinion of judgmental Ghanaians get to her anymore.

It is also the main reason she and her husband, Medikal, have a strong bond with the Dancehall king.


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