Nogokpo’s resident ‘Analyst sent to Rev. Agyin Asare’s as a reply about his story because his car got broke there


Aflao roads to Togo, Benin, Nigeria and even Ivory coast on daily bases because it the ECOWAS Road. They always passes Nogokpo Junction without any issues but this man decided to tarnish the image of Nogokpo just because his car broke down there and he has obviously heard some stories about Nogokpo and decided to capitalize on it! What a mess!

Nogokpo stand tall for being the most peaceful and just location in Ghana. Have you ever heard of theft in Nogokpo before! Nogokpo records the least of deaths and casualties in Ghana according to statistical centre because of its peaceful nature but this so called man of God decided to tag it Demonic! And his shallow ignorant sheep are cheering him la! Tsoo!

Volta region is the cleanest region in Ghana and Nogokpo is one of the cleanest locations in Volta region. I thought cleanliness is next to godliness so how can demons reside in clean place like Nogokpo!

We’re not even judging the one Christian religion with so many denominations and diverse doctrines that contradicts against each other bah they’re always trying to tarnish the image of other religions especially the traditional religion… Is this not hypocrisy!

I think Agyin Asare is out of sermons and decided to resort to lies.

It’s only THIEVES and Evildoers who aren’t comfortable with Volta region and especially the spiritual peaceful locations like Nogokpo and Dagbamatey.

NOGOKPO shall remain famous. We shall continue to uphold our good roots. Nogokpo will forever remain the Land of Peace and Justice.

Rev Agyin Asare needs to render an unqualified apology to the Nogokpo Township, its Chiefs and Elders for making such a foolish statement.


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