Online IELTS Course for Free in 2022–2023

IELTS preparation: Is it challenging? Opportunities Circle’s “Free Online IELTS Preparation Course” provides preparatory materials and educational material.

IELTS is a test of English proficiency for speakers of languages other than those of the countries that speak it as their native tongue. IELTS is a requirement for various countries that require English language proficiency for the majority of fully funded international student scholarships, other programs, including some foreign internships, and most significantly, if people are thinking about working abroad.

One of the most popular online preparation courses offered by the British Council, Road to IELTS is a limited-time, free online IELTS preparation course. It will help you receive the finest test preparation possible. For this course, 10 hours of free study time will be made accessible.

The free online IELTS preparation course covers the following topics:

  • Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading. You can prepare for the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections by using the online resources and e-books available in
  • The IELTS Academic and General Training practice zones.
  • Test-related teacher teachings emphasize the good and bad.
  • Timed practice tests and examples films with tips from previous test takers.

Additional Details Regarding The Free Online IELTS Preparation Course.

Conditions for Eligibility

Applications for the free online IELTS preparation course are accepted from people of all nations.
Anyone interested in taking this online course to get ready for the IELTS is welcome to do so.


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