Meet The Poor Young Boy From Nowhere Who Became An Influencer And A Philanthropist – Derrick Evans


Derrick Evans a Ghanaian Philanthropist currently in the United Kingdom. He is also an influencer. He has been one of the biggest helping hands financially to challenged youths and older people for a very long time.Derrick Evans, many call him A God-sent young man. So many questions come in mind and the question has always been, how did he get here, and how did he make it, other say, he was was born with a silver spoon in mouth. But today, with his permission we will look in details, about how he got to where he is now.“You only know my name, you don’t know my story” – Derrick EvansFrom his own words, “ I did not start life being rich and I am not even that financially rich now, because I can only consider myself a very wealthy man, when I am able to finally build an orphanage and help the street children in Ghana, the mothers and just anyone who needs my help, because I know how it feels to have nothing, to wash plates and utensils at a restaurant before you are given food.” As much as I will like to talk about everything that happened in my life, I just can’t because it brings back memories, the bad and hard times, and honestly, I never thought I’ll be here helping people, I always thought I’ll end up a useless young man because of how life startedI EVEN STARTED TO STUDY TO BECOME A VERY GOOD MECHANIC, BY ROAMING AROUND AUTO-MECHANIC SHOP PLEADING TO BE TRAINED because of my love for cars and because I wanted to make something out of my life, but our plans are not the plans of God andAnd he has indeed been good to me, which I intend to keep being good to people because “HE FORGIVES US OUR TRESPASSES AS FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US” – He helps, us, so we can be of help to people“ EVERYONE IS BORN FOR GREATNESS “I know where I come from and I will keep reminding myself of this, so that I do not become ungrateful” says – Derrick Evans.I STAND FOR ALL WHO NEEDS ME NOW AND FOREVERDerrick Evans has decided to help anyone who needs his help. And that is only if it is within his capability to help.Indeed he a God-sent a true son of Ghana he is, and a true example of love he displays.This the story of the finest gentleman, Derrick Evans, the United Kingdom-based Philanthropist.WE SALUTE YOUR KIND HEART AND WE PRAY THAT YOUR PLANS  AND DESTINY IS MONITORED BY GOD HIMSELF.



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