Kelvin Boy Exposes Popular Musicians and Rich Ghanaians Who Smoke; What He Said Will Shock You


Mea” hitmaker, Kelvyn Boy claims he knows many popular musicians and rich
Ghanaians who are chronic weed smokers.

The musician made this shocking disclosure in a post sighted by
on his Twitter handle.

Kelvyn Boy has said that he does not understand why Ghanaians have implanted
a fallacy in their minds that people who smoke weed are dirty, deviant, treacherous, and should be chased out of nine villages.

He divulged that gone were the days when weed smokers were dirty,
treacherous, and of deviant behavior but in contemporary Ghanaian society,
things have changed.

According to him, he knows many people who are very wealthy and are of high
repute but are also chronic weed smokers.

He added that Ghanaians have labeled him a chronic weed smoker, however,
their favorite musicians also smoke, even more than him.

Meanwhile, the musician has said that he is no longer into smoking due to
reasons that are best known to only him.

He used the opportunity to advise the youth of Ghana

not to involve themselves in smoking.

“Misconception: Smokers are dirty and rowdy…maybe

then but I know some of the richest and cleanest of humans who are heavy

smokers. Dead that thought today. Your favorite artiste smokes for crying out

loud. But I’ve quit. Don’t do drugs guys,” he posted.

Kelvyn Boy has on several occasions been labeled a chronic weed smoker and a

bad role model to the youth of Ghana.

On September 13, 2022, the musician himself said boldly in an interview with

Andy Dosty on Hitz FM that he is a chronic weed smoker and cannot hide it.

According to him, he prefers to stay original to hide behind the shrub and

act like he is a saint.

“that’s me, me I can’t fake, that is me, and people like me for

that because I am real, I can’t be faking it when it doesn’t take anything away

from me“, he said.

He disclosed that he was so much into smoking that living a day without

smoking would make him go mad.



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