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Golden Boy Yaro Ashaiman Records New Signee

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

 Young and multitalented Ghanaian Hip Pop Artiste From Ashaiman known in the showbiz circle as Golden Boy whose real name is Kwabena Sarfo was born on the 11th of May at Kumasi General hospital and started his basic education in Ashaiman. He is The only son in his family,his Mom is a trader and Dad  truck driver.He Started his music career officially during his junior high school days where he would skip classes to go record one or two mixtapes here and there in the year 2015. His first studio work was @Kimanimuzik studios titled “GBA GBA” featured La Wuu hit maker  Bààmujî but being his first time things didn’t fall in place so  he switched to Recording studio tagged as sideline studio.

He is currently sign under Yaro Ashaiman Records. His next project is titled as Pressure W) Town mixed by beat Dila. He listens to Ghanaian Hip pop acts more who blend the African vibes with the Genre. He is more into listening to AmgMedikal,Sarkodie,Strongman, so learns  how they fuse and blend the two genres together.



Twitter @goldenboymusik

Instagram: Yaroashaimanba 

Get Familiar With Afropop Sensation Awoskey

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Friday, 18 December 2020

Awoskey, born Joshua Aondona Awolowo is a young Ghanaian Afro-Pop musician who hails from the Ukum Local Government, Nigeria. He was born on 12 December 1995. His passion for music began at an early age where he used to rap and sing with every opportunity that came his way before switching to full-time singing.

The passion for music pushed Awoskey to begin singing and performing to friends and family. His writing influence was from listening to other inspirational songs. He is set to put his lyrics and voice to the world.

Awoskey has a unique musical style derived from his desire to sing and compose lyrics with everything happening around him. His soulful side, which he adopted from regularly singing, makes him sound very melodic.  Awoskey however hopes to develop his music career around these various genres; Afro-beats, Afro-pop. He plans to study and create his own unique sound out of what he has learned from these amazing music genres. Awoskey is very much inspired by legendary artists such as Timaya, 2baba, Lil Wayne, and Shatta Wale and looks to soar higher in his music career just like his predecessor.

Awoskey released “Mama Prayer And Badman” as his official singles. These singles were accompanied by top music videos. The song and video were trending on every online/radio platform.

Awoskey and his new solid team are gearing up to set the pace for a blazing musical career for him.

Meet 17 Year Old Ghanaian born Italian base Artiste Afroludi

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Sunday, 13 December 2020

 Vincent Kantona Osei, known more to his fans and peers by his stage name Afroludi, The musician had his sight set at an early age to achieve greatness within the music industry and life itself.

Afroludi was born and raised in Michigan Brooklyn on the 17 of February 2003 but is half Ghanaian and half American, And he currently moved to Forli Italy in the year 2018. Afroludi works assiduously and is determined to achieve his goals.

His age, versatility, and voice easily distinguish him from other artists in the industry and I believe it is only a matter of time before we see him obtain a global audience. Afroludi, a young recording artist with no manager, label, or distribution deal is making a place for himself in the industry at only 17 years old. I look forward to watching his growth and success.

Afroludi has been doing music from the tender age of 10. While attending Brooklyn Middle.

He was known to be knocking on desktops with his hands and pen to make beats that would bring out his flavor in dancehall and Hip-hop/Rap, showcasing his marvelous talent.

His peers would all listen, dance, cheer and encourage the aspiring artist to continue doing music. Upon his advancement, to Brooklyn High School he performed in most of the school’s events. 

At 12 years old moving on to 13, Afroludi was introduced to hip hop/rap music by his friends “Yaro G and Vibz flair”. His first hip hop icons were Asap Rocky and Pop smoke and did he enjoy their music! He then started to gravitate towards hip hop, exploring it and discovering its cultures as well as the different hip hop artists and what they had to offer.

Now with all that knowledge and years of listening, he has managed to effectively merge the style of hip hop, dancehall/reggae and pop so that fans and veterans of the music industry can acknowledge as well as they enjoy and see the potential in it.

He released his first-ever mixtape in 2010 titled “L.I.A.T”. As the title state “Life is a test” it is filled with popular songs all remixed by Afroludi, the mixtape served its purpose and gotten the attention needed as it did well on radio with a number of requests each day on popular radio stations in Ghana such as Asempa FM,

His age, versatility, and voice easily distinguish him from other artists in the industry and I believe it is only a matter of time before we see him obtain a global audience. Afroludi, a young recording artist with no manager, label, or distribution deal is making a place for himself in the industry at only 17 years old. I look forward to watching his growth and success.

OMG!!!Meet Phebean,,the fastest rising talented Gospel artiste in Nigeria and Ghana as well

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Saturday, 26 September 2020

@akintayo.olami5 real name Akintayo Olamide also known as Phebean is a second born amid four girls in the family of Pastor & Mrs Akintayo. She was born on October 13 in Nigeria. She is an indigene of Ado- Ekiti at Idolofin. Her mom, Akintayo Funke is originally from Ondo State while dad, Ganiyu- Yusuf- Akintayo is from Ado-Eliti.
Phebean was raised a Muslim but later converted to christianity.
Asked about her life before Jesus Christ and her encounter with Him(Jesus), she had this to say: "my life before I met Christ was not easy as I used to be a stubborn girl. I was the type that could argue a lot and didn't care about people. Infact let me say I'm strict, but on July 25th 2018 I met Christ. It was at a gathering for Bible study fellowshipping when it all started. I began to realize my old ways of life weren't right and I felt pity for myself especially that I allowed Christ' investment in me be wasted long ago. Thanks to GOD and my lovely dad who's always there praying for me day and night and mom as well i was able to find salvation. I really appreciate my parents because they've been a good tool for  REVIVAL in my life."
Phebean passes her gratitude to her church members at large (CHRISTIAN FAITH AND FELLOWSHIP MISSION) for their support and  all her friends that played a crucial impact in bringing her back to the light (CHRIST JESUS).
There's more revelations we'll be exposed to about Phebean and it'll be really encouraging if you embark on the journey of Who Is Phebean with us. Watch this space for more facts, truths and revelations.

# GossipTheGospel #WhoIsPhebean

Jahmoney king, the fastest dance hall upcoming artist in Ghana

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Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Joseph Unko K.A Jnr known professionally as Jahmoney king is a Ghanaian born Raggea Dancehall singer ,song writer and actor .

Jahmoney started his music at tender age in primary art school and through entertainment he has been able to perform on many events with many African musicians.

Jahmoney king is the leader and c.e.o of Boom Nation and has won many awards due to his skillful play in football for his best known performances.

Jahmoney Music lives started at a tender age of (8) when he started singing other legends music in his parental home ,Having achieved street fan based in some parts of the county Accra -Ghana to be prescribed .(NIMA ,Newtown and Teshie .

This fan based support Pounds Jahmoney to be known by many of his released dancehall tunes such as one tym kill ,Walking dead and stay far before he was known in the music industry as Jahmoney king .

Joseph Unko K.A. Jnr known as Jahmoney king was in Ghana -Accra at the La general hospital in the La Dadekotopon municipality in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

He was born on the 4th April 2001 from a son of a couple from Accra and the earthen region of Ghana.

His father is Bismark Acheampong Tiko (Deceased )who was businessman and mother is Alberta Ashelley Adjetey .

Jahmoney king attended Ledzokuku East Cluster Of Schools but due to singing and dancing he drop out from school at middle  school in Teshie a suburb in Accra in the Greater Accra region where he learned art in a popular drama class .

Growing up ,Jahmoney King lives with family at Akro(Ledzokuku) and later to NIMA during serious music years . As a child his father traveled with him but to return home wasn’t in the process ,back home his father died at the age when Jahmoney king was thirteen years old .

In conjunctions with man producers he linked up to one baddest and multi talented music producer and engineer B.D.S in Accra to record Com Witta Hygiene. jahmoney king has lived in almost all the ghettos in Teshie,newton and NIMA in Accra just to make earns and to survive life .

He stared living in many studios and lived in the ghettos because his parents wasn’t in support In the Music business.

There where many times were he finds it difficult where to sleep and what to eat .

He has been through many hustling in life .

jahmoney king has been with the ghettos just to be like them .

This shouldn’t be diverted in the other way round because his music always resonates With the ghetto youth and lovers .

Jahmoney king always pray to ‘Jah’ for more hope and life due to his musical ideology in which producing music most music industry players and fans gave him the name King .

His Musical carrier began at middle art school days at Ledzokuku East Cluster of schools in Teshie where he learned vocals by the school art department. Where he got the name pounds .

After middle school,he then took sometime to work on his musical talent after he branded from pounds Jahmoney to Jahmoney king .

During hustling in some ghettos in Teshie he meet one guy 7pm who also a dancehall musician but not as a profession, he hustle for life as a bus conductor from Teshie to circle and Accra central .

There he linked Jahmoney King to Akaline (Young Vendetta ) Who’s a barber and popular known as alkaline (Young Vendetta)and real name as Emmanuel Elima Aka popular known as alkaline (Young Vendetta).

This linked up happened when he saw Jahmoney king’s dancehall freestyle session in a bus they work in Accra .

Later Jahmoney king did a song with 7pm to bring out one massive afro grove jam titled celebration time which was produced by B.D.S .

The song got many Afro lovers dancing .The song which talks about how one can make more money after some hustling time to celebrate life .

In an interview with an Accra based radio station at Lashibi on the Nungua Ashaiman road with Dj Use of Ahotor in an interview ,callers bringing their suggestion on the program advocates that Jahmoney king has some good lyrics and vocals power to be called king which usually motivated him to do more Jamaican music (raggea dancehall).

Largely producing and mastering some of his songs he released one tym kill, real (life story ),
waking dead ,one man alone ,real journey,Pree fi di paper ,way up ,celebration time and com Witta Hygiene.

Gacious another wicked engineer in Ledzokuku produced his one tym favorite One Tym kill and also makers of makers music also produced (stay far )with Ziggy whiles Wastty beatz also produce (History).

He was able to work tremendously with many ragge dancehall musicians like Masaaany Mansa Musa (Dancehall Messiah ) within some years in the music scene he then released his debut album (the prophecy) under Young Vendetta with songs like life story ,one man alone ,Com Witta Hygiene,,real journey,History,Pree fi di paper ,way up and celebration.

After the released of  his debut album he got a new Manager through Alkaline (Young Vendetta )who is called Makaveli who linked up to Masaany(Mansa Musa)

Through Makaveli Records He was able to released many songs and was granted interviews in two online Tv Station (Gytv and Extel Tv).

Before the debut album he has three strong powerful  songs to his credit (One tym kill ,Walking dead and stay far featuring Ziggy Nettin production credit to B.D.S .

You can follow Jahmoney King on Facebook as Jahmoney King (Boom Nation ),On Instagram as Jahmoney King 1 ,Youtube and twitter as Jahmoney king  and On all Music digital stores as Jahmoney.


Dancehall is a genre of Music .Jahmoney king the youngest and baddest dancehall king .

Bookings 0548378594.

Get familiar with Afro-Beat Artiste_Rambo Gini

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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Prince Charles Arthur popularly known As "Rambo Gini" is A Young Talented musician Repping the City Of Ashaiman
With his Sensational Melodies in Afrobeats And trap hip pop .

Rambo Gini Became Well-known All over Accra After releasing an Exclusive single track titled "Azaman"
A Remix for Slimcase-Azaman ft. Larry Gaga, 2baba And Dj Neptune
And was mixed by Danticbeats

He's parents Are Nigerians While he grew Up here in Ghana
"As fifth born of The family , Rambo Gini set on a journey to bring Greatness unto his family of Ten children including himself And the Whole World Through music"

  "He Professionally Started his Music journey in Duo With Danticbeats
 His older brother As Twin stars earlier 2011,
 "Twins star Released A hit song under kingone Entertainment Featuring
Ghana's Top Award-winning Dancehall Artist Scata bada prod. By Kingone beats in 2013

To be continued..
Check out some of his new song here

Rambo Gini_Gbeketi_(prod by Dantic Beatz & RansomBeatz)

Rambo Gini_X_Kimani_Corona virus_(Prod by Danticbeatz)_[ DOWNLOAD ]

Meeting Alijoe, Emerging young highlife Artist Ghanaian's should watch out for

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Friday, 19 June 2020

Born Godfred Boamah in Kene, a town in Okru State in Nigeria, West Africa and brought to Ghana at the age of 3 to bond with his father and relatives.
Godfred Boamah now popularly known as Alijoe attended Opiniman Junior High School where he had his basic school education.
Growing up in Nkawkaw in the Easten Region of Ghana, AliJoe will save up money to buy ‘walkman’ and his favorite artiste’s cassettes just listen to their music over and over again at his free time. This pushed him to start doing music at the age of 13. Composing his own rhymes and writing down lyrics.
AliJoe has always been passionate about music and entertainment in general, grooming and learning his craft at every given chance is his way of life. The versatile musician who plays the piano with ease has love for several genre of music but High Life comes first being inspired by greats such as Nana Acheampong and 2Baba from Nigeria.
Music comes to him with ease as he pens down his lyrics with whichever mood he is in. His songs talks about all of live and living it both the pain and joy.
Singed unto Ghanaian based Drovel Music Company, Ali Joe has released a lot of good music with great videos available on his Youtube channel….
Fast forward to 2020, AliJoe released Jele, a highlife song which talks about today’s daily struggles as a youth to put food on the table and asking for God’s blessing to become successful.
AliJoe is poised towards taking High Life and Ghanaian music to the world stage in no time and believes winning the Grammy’s is a big possibility.
Interact with Ali Joe on
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @AlijoeGH

Watch Here
AliJoe GH - Insecure -(Official video

Alijoe GH _ Menkodi Den_(Official video)

Get familiar with Afro-Danchall Artiste_Sinbad

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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Young and multitalented Ghanaian Afro-Dancehall and afro pop Artiste From Tema known in the showbiz circle as Sinbad who’s real name is Dickson Delali Bimpeh was born on the 13 th febraury 1997 at General hospital and started his basic education in Tema

and completed Keta Senior High School  in the year 2018,He is The third born in his family,his Mom is a trader and Dad is a Contractor. He Started his music career officially during his high school days where he would skip classes to go record one or two mixtapes here and there in the year 2014.His first studio work was @Keena Gh studios titled “Tema”.
He listens to Ghanaian DanceHall acts more who blend the African vibes with the Genre so he is more into listening to Stonebwoy,Shatta Wale, Samini,Jupiter General, Wizkid, Davido,Burna Boy etc, so learns  how they fuse and blend the two genres together,he also loves listening to Bob Marley,Lucky Dube  ,Culture, Peter Tosh,Chronixx and other great reggae acts.

FOLLOW Sinbad ON Social Media Platfroms
Facebook @Sinbad Gh.
Twitter @Official Sinbad.
Instagram@ Mighty_Sinbad.

[PROFILE] Meet Bastian Gh, One Of Ghana's Most Wanted & Prolific Afro and Hip Life Artiste.

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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Aloriba Sebastian is a Ghanaian Afro and Hip Life Musician among other genres with Bastian Gh as his stage name. He was born on Date of birth
17th May,1996.
He hails from Kintampo where the music journey started. Bastian Gh attended Dr. Saunders International School from his basic to Junior High School where he graduated.
He is currently(2020) in his final year at Modern Senior High School in Kintampo, one of the best and expensive schools in the region.
FIRST TRACK : Never Let me down (This received the commendations of his neighbors and few outside his locality asking who that was. And that according to history, was where the music spirit tranced into him to pursue)
FIRST VIDEO : Forgive me ft Bigie Bounz (This video after its released, widely sold the picture identity of Bastian Gh and won the hearts of many due to the authenticity of the creation of the music video)
These are some of his hit releases.
1 Crazy Love ft Acoustic (Prod By Falcon )
2 Aduro Bia Nka Dem (Prod By Atta Kay )
3 Tokro Ft Wallistic (prod by falcon)
Yay3 Hye Album( 8 Songs)
1. Yay3 Hye
2. Shame on you ft Aiman
3. E go Be ft Kwadjoe Friction
4. U so good ft Masinda
5. Lele
6. Blazing part 2 ft Katapila GH
7. So tight ft Shady Lanez
8.BackCase ft Akwasi Poy
Among his great Achievements and Awards are;
KiM 2018, High Life Song Of The Year and High Life Artiste Of The Year respectively.
BAMA 2018 Discover Art Of The Year.
KiM 2019 Most Popular Song Of The Year.
He is currently being Signed under Maiga Records since the year, 2017.
From 2018 till recent, now, Bastian Gh has the solid and best dance crew known in the show business as Crazy Thinkers Dance Crews with a the second best Fan Base in his region as at 2020 respectively. Bastian's fan base popularly, 'Crazy Thinkers' are well known for their commitment and great support for his craft..
Lives in Kintampo currently (...2020)
He is currently being MANAGED by Abubakari Abdul Samed, the prolific Ghanaian blogger and media activist who's won the attention and acceptance of people in his region, Ghana and beyond.
Management number : 0246892750
He loves to entertain everyone from every corner. According to Bastian, life has taught him great lesson so he seeks to use music to neutralize the sad and emotions of people in disturbed or thoughtful mood. Also, most of his releases are educational with 1% of adult content to suit the general public. Since the initial, Bastian loves to listen to other great personalities like Stonebwoy, Saekodie, Kojo Antwi, Shatta Wale, Wizkid, Kofi Kinaata and other great musicians around the globe. He doesn't specifically have a best art he follows but following the positive minded and musically upright is his target.
Follow him on these social media platforms..

Get familiar with chasperanking _ Artiste profile

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Saturday, 18 April 2020

Artiste Profile

Saviour Dela Avagah, professionally known as Chasperanking, is a fast-rising  Ashaiman raised Reggae-Dancehall artiste, artiste manager, and a song writer with a strong West African background with his parent's being fully Ghanaian from the Volta part of Ghana, Dzodze to be precise.  He is known for his hyperactive public personel, where he is often portrayed “Getting lit;” !+¹he is often criticized for his behavior seen on social media. He is the president of Casa Nation Family and works under the staarborn muzik record label. Some of his songs already making waves are ; Ashaiman, Death, and the latest which is titled Don't Leave Me...
His energy level and engagement with the audience makes him one of the artistes you should look out for...

Check out this song from him

Chasperanking_Don't leave me_[ DOWNLOAD ]

Slut Boy Billy_Artiste profile

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Saturday, 11 April 2020


Billy Affou, professionally known as Slut Boy Billy, is an American raised rapper, actor, and writer with a strong West African background with his father being fifty percent Ivorian and fifty percent Ghanaian, meanwhile on the other hand mother being fifty percent Nigerian and fifty percent Ghanaian. He is known for his hyperactive public persona, where he is often portrayed “Getting lit;” !+¹he is often criticized for his behavior seen on social media.

About: Slut Boy Billy born in Chiari, Italy and being raised in America by Ghanaian, Ivorian, Nigerian, and American parents found his calling for music, acting, and writing when he was a minor, but didn’t decide to act on his craft until early 2018 when he chose to explore, experience, and settled in Ghana in the interest of a positive new beginning. Slut Boy Billy released a freestyle video “Top” in his room at his house in Takoradi on all his social media platforms which led to minor local attention from his hometown Pittsfield, Massachusetts and his new town at the time Takoradi, Ghana. Slut Boy Billy decided to use his local motivation to professionally record a three track EP which qualified him to start performing as an underground artist with the help of his manager Atmbtz (Alien Man.) Through performances and social media posts, curiosity of the character titled Slut Boy Billy arose. With the arising curiosity of Slut Boy Billy resulted into radio interviews, blogs, and minor radio air play. Despite facing difficulties of remaining relevant in the industry, Slut Boy Billy is actively exercising his craft.

Early life: Billy Affou was born August 25, 1998 in Chiari, Italy by father Joseph Amoa Affou and mother Paulina Asofo Adjie.
When Slut Boy Billy was 6 years old, he officially left his native land Italy to begin practicing the American culture. After Slut Boy Billy officially entered adulthood, he and his father came to a conclusion that it’ll be best for him (Slut Boy Billy) to relocate and start a whole new empire, due to the fact that Slut Boy Billy was causing havoc while growing up in the United States of America with his high tendencies of practicing trap life activities as a minor, which resulted in plenty of suspensions from school and facing legal difficulties until he later on matured with his trap lifestyle which led him to understand the importance of staying off the radar, and with that being concluded at the age of nineteen after obtaining his high school diplomaa, Slut Boy Billy officially made his way to Ghana and started acting in respect of his career’s interest. Local social media hype in Takoradi, Ghana introduced him to Micheal Tekyi Amoakoh, better known as Atmbtz or Alien Man; the two met and it took off accordingly from there.

Career beginnings: Slut Boy Billy’s rap career began when Atmbtz produced his first recorded track “Abracadabra.” The single produced was independently released in 2018 on the music streaming website soundcloud along side two other tracks “Percocet” and “MC Hammer.” Slut Boy Billy quickly followed the EP with a single “Dolla $ign.” The minor success of his tracks on SoundCloud and Audiomack earned him recognition among the underground scene in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and in Takoradi, Ghana in a style known as “Mumble Rap.” He co-headlined the Akwanma Road Trip Beach Party Concert. Billy Affou’s acting career began when his older sister (Joyceline Affou) strongly suggested that he shouldn’t ignore his acting skills and apply it just as well as music, with that being said, Joyceline Affou directed younger brother (Slut Boy Billy) to the first respected audition available which happen to be Yvonne Nelson’s YN Productions audition in Accra, Ghana, the audition was Slut Boy Billy’s first, however Slut Boy Billy stood out enough to earn a roll and even a audition performance shout out on YN Production’s official Instagram page. Since then, Slut Boy Billy has been contacted by respected directors and producers in Ghana, but unfortunately couldn’t act on offered opportunities due to natural disastrous circumstances.

Personal life: Slut Boy Billy has Stated that he has minor mental health issues that allows him to perform better than the average, however at the same time giving him more difficulties than the average human depending on the matter. In 2015 after his mother kicked him out of her home in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Slut Boy Billy relocated to the state of Florida with his father; short time after this transition, he found himself some trouble and was brought into custody by TPD under the alleged charge Armed Robbery. Slut Boy Billy states that “The whole situation was fabricated. Real recognize real, I don’t have to talk too much, I was never proven guilty and may God or whomever the higher power maybe in your eyes forgive these human serpents. I took a plea deal cause I knew in reality, the only way I can prove myself innocent is to snitch, and that wasn’t going to happen, so like I said, I don’t have to talk too much.”

Discography: Slutty Sex EP.
Dolla $ign

Awards and nominations: N/A

References: Ghanaweb, Ghvibes, YNproductions, kubilive, and Facebook.

External skills: General assistance, entrepreneurship, acting, writing and nutritionist
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