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Thiago Beezy set to Storm Eastern Region with Thank you Akroso Xmas concert on 26 December

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Tuesday, 8 December 2020

 The much-awaited ThiagoBeezy (Thank you Akroso Concert) date set to 26th December at the (Mother's Royal Hotel-New town Junction Akim Akroso).

Some artiste performing live

Nii Funny 

Debwoy Afriqa 



King Jay


De gate Zion

Ekow marvel

Nana akofena

Kofi metta


Nana Cyfa

Kin Tommy

Official mc 

F-9 De comedian

Supporting artistes

Ushyah gh

Bee Tee

Tizoo gh

Burnvic Music

Mr Yuppie

Kobby Jeezy

Kofi Tee


Kako Bonde

Kofi Brew

Lava Denlad

Kojo Mclyttle and many more to pass through that night

Side Attraction

Free photoshoot

Free pool

Red carpet

Fast Fingers

Gate fees is Cool 10gh for single and 15gh for double

Jahmoney king, the fastest dance hall upcoming artist in Ghana

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Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Joseph Unko K.A Jnr known professionally as Jahmoney king is a Ghanaian born Raggea Dancehall singer ,song writer and actor .

Jahmoney started his music at tender age in primary art school and through entertainment he has been able to perform on many events with many African musicians.

Jahmoney king is the leader and c.e.o of Boom Nation and has won many awards due to his skillful play in football for his best known performances.

Jahmoney Music lives started at a tender age of (8) when he started singing other legends music in his parental home ,Having achieved street fan based in some parts of the county Accra -Ghana to be prescribed .(NIMA ,Newtown and Teshie .

This fan based support Pounds Jahmoney to be known by many of his released dancehall tunes such as one tym kill ,Walking dead and stay far before he was known in the music industry as Jahmoney king .

Joseph Unko K.A. Jnr known as Jahmoney king was in Ghana -Accra at the La general hospital in the La Dadekotopon municipality in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

He was born on the 4th April 2001 from a son of a couple from Accra and the earthen region of Ghana.

His father is Bismark Acheampong Tiko (Deceased )who was businessman and mother is Alberta Ashelley Adjetey .

Jahmoney king attended Ledzokuku East Cluster Of Schools but due to singing and dancing he drop out from school at middle  school in Teshie a suburb in Accra in the Greater Accra region where he learned art in a popular drama class .

Growing up ,Jahmoney King lives with family at Akro(Ledzokuku) and later to NIMA during serious music years . As a child his father traveled with him but to return home wasn’t in the process ,back home his father died at the age when Jahmoney king was thirteen years old .

In conjunctions with man producers he linked up to one baddest and multi talented music producer and engineer B.D.S in Accra to record Com Witta Hygiene. jahmoney king has lived in almost all the ghettos in Teshie,newton and NIMA in Accra just to make earns and to survive life .

He stared living in many studios and lived in the ghettos because his parents wasn’t in support In the Music business.

There where many times were he finds it difficult where to sleep and what to eat .

He has been through many hustling in life .

jahmoney king has been with the ghettos just to be like them .

This shouldn’t be diverted in the other way round because his music always resonates With the ghetto youth and lovers .

Jahmoney king always pray to ‘Jah’ for more hope and life due to his musical ideology in which producing music most music industry players and fans gave him the name King .

His Musical carrier began at middle art school days at Ledzokuku East Cluster of schools in Teshie where he learned vocals by the school art department. Where he got the name pounds .

After middle school,he then took sometime to work on his musical talent after he branded from pounds Jahmoney to Jahmoney king .

During hustling in some ghettos in Teshie he meet one guy 7pm who also a dancehall musician but not as a profession, he hustle for life as a bus conductor from Teshie to circle and Accra central .

There he linked Jahmoney King to Akaline (Young Vendetta ) Who’s a barber and popular known as alkaline (Young Vendetta)and real name as Emmanuel Elima Aka popular known as alkaline (Young Vendetta).

This linked up happened when he saw Jahmoney king’s dancehall freestyle session in a bus they work in Accra .

Later Jahmoney king did a song with 7pm to bring out one massive afro grove jam titled celebration time which was produced by B.D.S .

The song got many Afro lovers dancing .The song which talks about how one can make more money after some hustling time to celebrate life .

In an interview with an Accra based radio station at Lashibi on the Nungua Ashaiman road with Dj Use of Ahotor in an interview ,callers bringing their suggestion on the program advocates that Jahmoney king has some good lyrics and vocals power to be called king which usually motivated him to do more Jamaican music (raggea dancehall).

Largely producing and mastering some of his songs he released one tym kill, real (life story ),
waking dead ,one man alone ,real journey,Pree fi di paper ,way up ,celebration time and com Witta Hygiene.

Gacious another wicked engineer in Ledzokuku produced his one tym favorite One Tym kill and also makers of makers music also produced (stay far )with Ziggy whiles Wastty beatz also produce (History).

He was able to work tremendously with many ragge dancehall musicians like Masaaany Mansa Musa (Dancehall Messiah ) within some years in the music scene he then released his debut album (the prophecy) under Young Vendetta with songs like life story ,one man alone ,Com Witta Hygiene,,real journey,History,Pree fi di paper ,way up and celebration.

After the released of  his debut album he got a new Manager through Alkaline (Young Vendetta )who is called Makaveli who linked up to Masaany(Mansa Musa)

Through Makaveli Records He was able to released many songs and was granted interviews in two online Tv Station (Gytv and Extel Tv).

Before the debut album he has three strong powerful  songs to his credit (One tym kill ,Walking dead and stay far featuring Ziggy Nettin production credit to B.D.S .

You can follow Jahmoney King on Facebook as Jahmoney King (Boom Nation ),On Instagram as Jahmoney King 1 ,Youtube and twitter as Jahmoney king  and On all Music digital stores as Jahmoney.


Dancehall is a genre of Music .Jahmoney king the youngest and baddest dancehall king .

Bookings 0548378594.

Meeting Alijoe, Emerging young highlife Artist Ghanaian's should watch out for

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Friday, 19 June 2020

Born Godfred Boamah in Kene, a town in Okru State in Nigeria, West Africa and brought to Ghana at the age of 3 to bond with his father and relatives.
Godfred Boamah now popularly known as Alijoe attended Opiniman Junior High School where he had his basic school education.
Growing up in Nkawkaw in the Easten Region of Ghana, AliJoe will save up money to buy ‘walkman’ and his favorite artiste’s cassettes just listen to their music over and over again at his free time. This pushed him to start doing music at the age of 13. Composing his own rhymes and writing down lyrics.
AliJoe has always been passionate about music and entertainment in general, grooming and learning his craft at every given chance is his way of life. The versatile musician who plays the piano with ease has love for several genre of music but High Life comes first being inspired by greats such as Nana Acheampong and 2Baba from Nigeria.
Music comes to him with ease as he pens down his lyrics with whichever mood he is in. His songs talks about all of live and living it both the pain and joy.
Singed unto Ghanaian based Drovel Music Company, Ali Joe has released a lot of good music with great videos available on his Youtube channel….
Fast forward to 2020, AliJoe released Jele, a highlife song which talks about today’s daily struggles as a youth to put food on the table and asking for God’s blessing to become successful.
AliJoe is poised towards taking High Life and Ghanaian music to the world stage in no time and believes winning the Grammy’s is a big possibility.
Interact with Ali Joe on
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @AlijoeGH

Watch Here
AliJoe GH - Insecure -(Official video

Alijoe GH _ Menkodi Den_(Official video)

Kimani musik Warns King Bongo to stop fooling and Praise Stonebowy for good work done

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Thursday, 18 June 2020

 Fast rising sensational Ghanaian singer, and the Ceo of Kimanimusik company known by many as the current highlife king in Ashaiman , finally voices out about the controversy going on Between Ashaiman music awards artiste of the year winner King Bongo and some unknown artiste in tema

Kimani who seems to care about how Stonebowy has suffered  to put Ashaiman on the good side of the world  took to his social media platforms earlier today stating ;

U Dey there wan beef Tema boys cos u wan small hype u forget say currently u be the artist of the year winner for ashaiman is this the example u wan set for we or what...bhim Dey work so hard just to paint a good image there u Dey derr wan come spoil every shit...cos if this lifestyle way them institute ashaiman music award festival and u were given artist of the year.

One countless times they put it out there on the awards night as to how we can paint a better image out there as artist from ashaiman now u come here come they fool herrrr masa we all from ashaiman ooo Dey geee... no wonder I beat u in the category for highlife music song of the year like adey the category for asrtist of the year like today u won’t get mouth to talk sef cos ago saaa beat u for that catergory too....

Source _ Yung Kasa

AY Poyoo stole my brand Ashaiman artiste cry's out

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Monday, 15 June 2020

A Ghanaian artist has accused AY Poyoo of stealing his ‘Abodam’ brand and referred to Abeiku Santana as his evidence.

Ghanaian artist recognized as 3y3 Guy claims AY Poyoo stole his brand and commercialize at a point he was on the verge of bringing it out in a song with Kwaw Kese.
In an interview with Kofi Countryman TV, 3y3 Guy said he started the same ‘Abodam’ brand years ago before AY stole from him recently. He asked all those who will be in doubt to cross-check from award-winning journalist Abeiku Santana.

In his own words, he said:
I started this brand long ago before AY Poyoo stole it from me. Kwaw Kese is my inspiration. Abeiku Santana was helping me to feature Kwaw kese and Medikal, but kwaw was locked down in the USA due to Coronavirus.” 
The upcoming star pleaded with Ghanaians to check him out to ascertain for themselves.
Checkout Videos Of The Two And Judge For Yourself: 3y3 Guy -Abodam-(official video)

Euni Melo Stars Kumawood Actors in new music video

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Friday, 6 March 2020

Euni Melo comes your way with yet another blockbuster music video that would take your full attention.
This is not an ordinary video, considering the stars packed in the storyline.

Survival revival tells a story of the strive people go through to survive during hard times and also gist on how people commit crimes to survive.

This project was a solid collaboration between PPP RECORDS and Nebu ur'majesty who was the original director of some scenes used for the video footages.

The movie Ali is a star packed movie staring big names like Bill Asamoah, Rahim Banda , Late Abass , Yaw Dabo and many others.

The action packed movie have been brought back alive in this new music video shot by Taddi tomzy of Mogul means and edited at the  Golden Wabbit Studios by Ernest Adofo.
Enjoy the story


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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Host of Ahosepe on Adom TV, SisterSandybiy3guy is out with a sweet banger titled W) ME.

This Song needs no Explanation merhn just download and feel the groove.

W) ME!!!!!!

Download(SisterSandybiy3guy - W) ME)


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Monday, 15 July 2019

New banger from the beautiful songstress call Dilah this song was titled Gbelemo kindly download below

Don't compare me to Kwesi slay and 2Fyngers am the best rapper in Ashaiman_Thiagoboy

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Saturday, 13 July 2019

 Thiago Beezy

In an interview on gentleman radio (hangout with Mixtic) Thiagoboy was ask to pick his top 5 rappers from Ashaiman and to the surprise he only pick 2 rappers in the name of Kwesi slay and 2Fyngers..... He explained further he is the third rated rapper.......
Kwesi Slay
I am de third rated rapper in Ashaiman when it comes to rap music....
I only pick Kwesi slay, 2fyngers as the only rappers above me the rest can go and sweep the sea....

He also made it know to us that he is the only Ashaiman rapper in Ashaiman who can rapper and sing the same time

Check my records every year I drop a foreign collaboration which make me one of the outstanding rappers ever.....Thiago Beezy
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Thursday, 11 July 2019

It high time some banks are dropped and the real banks are maintained, majority of banks in Ghana are stealing and deducting unreasonable, anyhow,where ever and at the least chance that they find. They dont care weather your transactions goes on or not,what they care is for them to deduct your money at any least chance they get anytime you use your ATM or Credit Card, Visa Card, Visa Gold or any of your bank cards. Their sole aim is to just deduct you and one of the banks which needs to be dropped is GT Bank, if you need a reliable, not a cheat bank and a safe bank to keep and safe guard your money never trust GT BANK to do that for you! They are the worst bank when it comes to banking in Ghana. They dont care about customers, poor customer care services and when it comes to the money subject, they are always looking for chances to deduct monies from clients account even when transactions has not gone through. this not the first time GT BANK is doing that,they keep doing that over and over. When one thinks of it, one can sort to imagine if they are deducting to help them reach the target which the central bank has set or to help them stay i business!
The most annoying part of all is you dont get the services yet you are bailed and your money never gets refunded no matter what, they always have an excuse to give you in order to steal your money.

Queenstickle drop nude pic ahead of her birthday

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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Ghanian born Rita QueenStickle Koomson know in the industry as (Queenstickle)

 A photoshoot model from the central side of ghana _(Cape cost) drops some hot new photos which will blow your mind out......

We wish you Happy birthday and long life star girl

Hon. Kwaku Agyemang manu has commissioned a Poly Clinic

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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The Minister of Health, Hon. Kwaku Agyemang manu has commissioned a Poly Clinic at Oduman in the greater Accra region to promote quality health care delivery in the district.

The Health Minister was accompanied by Professor Nsiah Asare, Director General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), MCE of the Ga-West Municipal Assembly, Clement Wilkinson and other Directors from the Ministry in Accra.

The 30 bed Poly Clinic has an Administration block, pharmacy, operation theatre, delivery room, standard ward, Paediatric ward, obseteric ward, matanity ward, laundry and a morgue.

In an interview with peace news, Hon. Kwaku Agyemang manu said this was part of the 5 polyclinics the president promised to deliver to bring quality health care to the doorsteps of the people nationwide and achieve the universal health coverage.

Hon. Kwaku Agyeman Manu, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Dormaa Central, in the Brong Ahafo region urged urged health workers, who would be posted to the new Poly Clinic to ensure zero tolerance of maternal mortality at the facility and urged the residents to register for the national health insurance card so that they can get better medical care when they are ill.

He called on the Youth to desist from taking tramadol, and wee smoking as well as excessive cigarette smoking, which can be harmful to their lives  opinion leaders to hold constant interaction with the youth about the dangers of hard drugs.

The Director General of Ghana health service, Dr. Nsiah-Asare expressed concern about the increasing number of teenage pregnancy cases in the rural and urban areas and asked nurses and other health workers to educate the youth to abstain from premarital sex.


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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Fathia Amin a Ghanaian philanthropist, Muslim model, entrepreneur, beauty consultant is finally set to launch her luxury line of natural skincare products. The Launch of MODARAJADORE SKIN CARE PARTY is scheduled on 10th March 2019, will take place at Abelemkpe Accra at Ray Porsh Hotel. 
Fathia Amin is a Pan African brand that uses ethically sourced high grade of Shea butter from Ghana and other rare natural ingredients to create unique all-natural products. The range currently includes Body Creams, Soaps and Scrubs, Coconut oil.
MODARA JADORE SHEA Body Cream is a super-boost of hydration in a velvety-texture cream that enhances the appearance of the skin in a lasting way. It has an intense, invigorating action, suitable as a moisturizer for every skin type and particularly effective on very dry skin. Its deep nourishing action ensures 24-hours lustrous skin.
MODARA JADORE Scrub uses granules of walnut husk to promote cell renewal and keep the skin soft and smooth. The granules of walnut husk, the powerful action of hyaluronic acid, the concentration of Dermocea’s algae, optimized by Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties, achieve superior results.
In an interacting with Mrs. Fathia Amin She said ‘’My country Ghana is historically rich with natural raw materials like Shea Butter, coconut and a lot of healthy ingredients and this story need to be shared with our fellow Africans and the rest of the world.
Entry to the party is cool 100 Ghs  which will get  each raves a Set Of MODARAJADORE NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCT, drinks all natural healthy, food as well as free masking, free consultation on how minimize your skin for a healthy Lifestyle. The launch is to introduce the products to the beauty market, plans are far advanced to hit the African market after the launch.
Issa Abubakar

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